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To order products or find out shipping charges, please e-mail your requirements and address to dianne@xpressnewlynn.co.nz .

Dreamland Oil Pastels
12s $6.50
24s $12.50
36s $19.99
48s $25.99
55s $30.99

Fine quality, strong opaque colours, water resistant, blendable.
Designed for use on paper or card. Also suitable for canvas.
Ideal for classroom and studio.
Immediate bright results.
Rich colour for mixed techniques.
Each pastel is 75mm long, 12mm thick and is wrapped in a paper sleeve.

Dreamland Water Soluble Oil Pastels
12s $6.70
24s $13.50

Fine quality, strong opaque colours, not waxy, blendable.
Designed for use on paper or card.
Ideal for classroom and studio.
Suitable for a variety of techniques:
Blending - Colours can be easily blended together using a brush and water. New colours can be created by blending two or more colours together with water.
Wash Effects - A wet brush can be used to dilute the pastel colour to give a wash effect. The more water that is used, the paler the pastel will become.
Dry on Wet - Using a dry pastel on wet paper gives strength to the colours and a mixture of bold and more delicate lines.
Wet & Dry - Create an image using the pastels only to begin with, then work over selected areas with a wet brush. This gives a combination of solid blocks of colour with wash effects.

Mungyo Chalk Pastels
12s $9.99
24s $14.99
48s $29.90

Molded pastels made of the best quality pigments and plaster. Softer than chalk. Available in 48 brilliant colours.

Mungyo Soft Pastels
12s $13.25
24s $24.50

Made from the finest quality pigments and raw materials, these pastels have a very soft touch and are available in a range of 46 brilliant colours.