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Palette Knives

To order products or find out shipping charges, please e-mail your requirements and address to dianne@xpressnewlynn.co.nz .

Palette Knife RGM Classic, $10.99

The palette knife par excellence in a wide range of types to meet the needs of all artists. The top quality blade is made from hand ground, hardened steel to provide constant flexibility. The handle is made from dark brown wood with brass ferule.

Your choice as per photo - left to right:
No. 5 55 x 18mm
No. 6 54 x 20mm
No. 31 60 x 30mm
No. 44 47 x 14mm
No. 45 57 x 16mm
No. 52 72 x 14mm
No. 62 73 x 21mm
No. 96 82 x 17mm
No. 109 100 x 35mm
No. 110 110 x 17mm
No. 111 109 x 18mm