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Fabric Paint

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So Soft Fabric Acrylic 1oz, $4.99

SoSoft Fabric Acrylics are super soft brush-on fabric paints that are opaque and give excellent coverage and washing durability on fabric. They are soft like fabric dye but do not require heat setting and are permanent. For brush-on, stamping, sponging, or stencil painting. Bonds to most fabrics, even silk.

Ideal for quilters because it will not gum up the needle. When applied properly it becomes part of the fabric.

Pre-wash and dry, no softeners. Apply heavy coat with brush. Dry 48 hours. Wash on gentle cycle. Hang dry. Soap and water clean-up.

29.6ml or 34ml bottle. Your choice of colour:
Antique Gold
Baby Blue Deep
Baby Pink Deep
Bright Coral
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow
Christmas Green
Christmas Red
Dark Rose
Deep Periwinkle Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Glorious Gold
Hauser Dark Green
Hauser Light Green
Indian Turquoise
Lamp Black
Mediterrean Blue
Neon Blue
Neon Red
Neon Yellow
Pistachio Green
Primary Blue
Prussian Blue
Silver Platinum
Silver Sage
Spruce Green
True Blue
True Green

So Soft Fabric Dimensionals 1oz, $4.99

SoSoft Fabric Dimensionals are dimensional paints that create 3-dimensional outlines, lines and accents. They are ideal for personalising projects. The paints have excellent elasticity and adhesion characteristics and will remain soft and pliable. Can be used on most hard surfaces.

Pre-wash fabric, no softeners. Place tip on surface, squeeze gently. Dry flat 4 hours. Allow 4 days before washing. Delicate wash only with mild soap. Hang dry.

29.6ml bottle. Your choice of colour:
Festive Green
Chrome Green
Festive Red
Gold Glitter
Royal Rose
Silver Glitter