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To order products or find out shipping charges, please e-mail your requirements and address to dianne@xpressnewlynn.co.nz .

Large Aluminium Easel, $99.99

Lightweight large portable easel with non-skid rubber feet. Comes in handy carry case.
Dimensions: 116cm wide x 87cm deep x 142cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 150cm.
Perfect for home where space is limited or for carrying to art class, fieldwork or the holiday bach/crib.

Small Aluminium Easel, $84.95

Lightweight small portable easle with non-skid feet. Comes with a handy carry case.
Dimensions: 76cm wide x 58cm deep x 120cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 80cm.
Perfect for home where space is limited or for carrying to art class, fieldwork or the holiday bach/crib.

Box Easel, $144.99

Oiled Beechwood table top easel with sliding drawer and carrying handle. Both up and down canvas supports are adjustable.
Dimensions: 42cm wide x 36cm deep x 12cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 85cm.

Large Table Easel, $131.99

A table easel that can handle larger canvasses. Height adjustable and can be adjusted to various angles.
Material: Beechwood.
Dimensions: 45 cm x 52cm x 88cm.
Maximum canvas height: 120cm.

Adjustable Lyre Easel (Beech), $229.95

Lyre studio easel with adjustable mast angle. With ratchet for easy height adjustment. Stable A-frame adjustable rear support.
Material: Beechwood.
Dimensions: 65cm wide x 99cm deep x 162cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 122cm.

Master Studio Easel (Beech), $535.00

Adjusts to horizontal for watercolours.
Canvas height adjusted with a simple ratchet control.
Large storage tray.
Castors for ease of movement.
Locking screws give added stability.
Material: Oiled Beechwood.
Dimensions: 67cm wide x 79cm deep x 213cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 225cm.

Medium Table Easel (Beech), $89.99

Professional tabletop easel. The two rear supports and centre column are adjustable.
Material: Beechwood.
Dimensions: 34cm x 37cm x 80cm.
Maximum canvas height: 66cm.

Mini A-Frame Display Easel 10cm, $2.50

Material: Elm wood.
Dimensions: 10cm high and 6.5cm wide at base.

Mini A-Frame Display Easel (Elm), $16.50

Stable display.
Material: Oiled beechwood.
Maximum canvas height: 30cm or can be used to display photos, books, prints etc.

Multifunction Easel, $334.99

Dimensions: 60 x 68 x 180cm.
Maximum canvas height: 117cm.

Small Table Easel, $54.99

Elmwood table easel. Two rear supports and centre column are adjustable.
Dimensions: 27cm wide x 32cm deep x 75cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 56cm.

Studio Easel H-Frame (Beech), $319.95

Professional studio easel, centre column with ratchet. Adjustable angle with rear supports.
Material: Beechwood.
Dimensions: 55cm wide x 55cm deep x 175cm high.
Maximum canvas height: 122cm.