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Craft Kits

To order products or find out shipping charges, please e-mail your requirements and address to dianne@xpressnewlynn.co.nz .

Make Your Own Friendship Bracelets, $15.99

Make bracelets for friends and family.

2 Friendship wheels
10 packs of colourful cotton

Use the friendship wheels to make 10 colourful bracelets. Fast, easy and fun. Suitable for 5 years and over.

Knitting Doll, $19.99

This set includes: Wooden dolly spool, wooden needle, six pieces of starter yarn, complete instructions and illustrations.
The spool knitting tool even non-knitters will enjoy!
Use your finished knitted cord for bracelets, anklets, hoodie ties and more!
For ages 3 and up.

My Tote Bag Activity Kit, $19.99

Learn how to knit your own tote bag and decorate it with ribbon, flowers and cord.

This kit contains:
Woollen Yarn
Woollen Flowers
Knitting Needles
Sewing Needle
Full instructions

Suitable for ages 6+.