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Calligraphy Supplies

To order products or find out shipping charges, please e-mail your requirements and address to dianne@xpressnewlynn.co.nz .

Manuscript Beginner’s Calligraphy Set, $29.90

Each set contains calligraphy pen, 3 nib sections, converter and 1 black ink cartridge.
Nib sizes are fine (0.85mm), medium (1.1mm) and 2B (1.6mm).
Available in right hand or left hand sets.
Made in EU.

Manuscript Classic 5 Nib Calligraphy Set, $49.99

Set contains:
Classic pen
5 nibs – Fine 0.85mm, Medium 1.1mm, Broad 1.35mm, 2B 1.6mm, 4B 2.8mm.
Storage Tin
Ink cartridges
Instructions leaflet

Made in EU.

Manuscript Leonardt Dip Pen & Nibs – Ornamental Set, $39.99

Manuscript dip pens allow you to create beautiful writing and decorative designs, working in a wide range of media in addition to bottled ink. For example, Chinese stick ink, watercolours, acrylics and gouache, which would clog a fountain pen.
A compact nib casket is provided to keep nibs safe when not in use.

Set includes:
Dip pen
Five dip nibs sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Nib storage tin

Made in EU.

Manuscript Ink Cartridges, $9.00

Pack of 12 blue, sepia or black fountain pen ink cartridges.
Made in EU.