Thomas has been a biochemist most of his working life. He recently retired from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and is now spending more time on his passion for landscape photography, specialising in 'Intimate Landscape' - that gives emphasis to smaller scenes. Typically there is no vista and no horizon - instead we find waterfalls, streams and tracks, reflections, forest pools and so on. These images are not intended to describe a place, rather evoke a mood and a memory through a sense of place. These bring us repeatedly back to the image where we find more with each viewing.

Thomas also likes to use low light, as this brings out the subtle detail of the highly varied greens in our bush landscape to best advantage. So we find him out pre-dawn, or at sunset and even when the weather is adverse with low cloud (and hence low light) and pouring rain! He has some of his most dramatic shots taken during brief spells in the rain on wild stormy days.

The West of Auckland furnishes a multitude of opportunities for low-light landscape photography. The Manukau shorelines, the West with its untamed and dramatic coastlines, the forests streams and ravines, all contribute a variety of moods. They provide opportunities for truly iconic images that Thomas loves to capture when the light is just right. And in those times, we see the soul of the West - weather, water, wind, waves - as well as the landforms and the forests that provide the cloak, the food and the shelter.

Thomas also loves sailing and has cruised his own 10m yacht for over 30 years, mostly with his family. The cruising lifestyle also offers many opportunities for landscape photography. Early morning and late afternoon allow the best lighting possibilities here, as well as the broody conditions associated with approaching frontal systems.

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